The Journey of Jhankar

SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI known as SARGAM are the seven notes of musical scale which form the universe of Indian Classical music. Resonance of this Sargam is JHANKAR – a brand associated with the Indian Musical industry for over 70 years.
Indian Classical music has the ability to transcend barriers of language, geography or culture & fascinate the listener in its enchanting universe. Understanding & appreciating this complex yet captivating world of music needs serious engagement & involvement of the masters of Indian Classical music.

It is our endeavour to present the galaxy of Indian soundscape to the music lovers all over the world , keeping in mind the interests & livelihood of the innumerable artisans & all their hard work resulting in such master crafts. Our journey for the last 70 years has been attempts to showcase & nurture the musical culture of different regions of India & manufacture world class products to cater to the demands of our clients across the globe.

Our Commitments:

Transparency in communication

Ongoing consultation with clients to understand & customise the requirements & offer products best suited to meet the dynamic requirements of the end users.

Market research & innovations

Leveraging in depth knowledge of products & market by continuous researches & innovations , thereby providing creative solutions meeting global standards.

Superior Results

Success derived from emphasis on efficiency, transparency & technology driven solutions backed by legacy & experience of 70 years.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction & market reputation is the topmost priority which reflects the values & mutual trust resulting in a long term relationship.

Our Social commitment

Aiding in upliftment of standards of life of rural artisans by creating business opportunities & showcasing their culture & talent to the world.


I just wanted to share a quick note & let you know that you guys are doing a great job . I’m really glad that I decided to work with you. The product sampling & responses are pretty accurate & timely & our interaction has always been fruitful & transparent. Looking forward for many years of association together & wish you good luck for all future endeavours.

Products we deal with

All Types of Musical Strings

Our company manufactures the finest fretted instrument strings available in India. With more than 70 years of string making experience, we are one of the largest musical string manufacturers in India providing products of international standard & exporting across the globe. From standard gauging to your custom gauge sets and everything in between, Jhankar musical strings will satisfy all your needs, from the formulation of your strings to your final brand packaging.

Your feedback is important

We constantly strive to stay in tune to the unique needs of the many talented musicians who use our products. Feedback from professional guitar and bass payers, guitar techs, bass techs, and even students and teachers is vital. With that in mind, feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or feedback”.  This will have the link for the feedback section.

Sound of Indian instruments

The music focus of the month is Dhak/ Dhol. The Dhak / Dhol is a double-sided drum whose body is usually made using a hollowed piece of jackfruit wood. The two mouths or apertures of the drum are covered with a goatskin and laced to each other with leather straps around the circumference of the drum. These straps are put into a state of high tension to stretch out the circular membranes on either side of the hull, allowing them to resonate when struck.

Jhankar pays its tribute to the thousands of Dhakis of Bengal who weave this magical notes through their amazing creation of this heavenly soundscape.