Drums sets have become the essential part of every musical genre, giving beat and life to the music. From jazz and blues to Bollywood music and even fusion, drums are the backbone of any good musical venture. Whether you are a beginner who has dreams of making it big as a drummer or a professional drummer in a studio or a band, you need the right kind of drum set to do justice to your overall capabilities. From affordable starter drum sets to sophisticated, arena-worthy acoustic and electronic drum kits, we’ll help you choose the right combination of gear that matches your budget, music, and percussion skills. 


  • WOOD

The Damru , a well known folk instrument is a classical Indian hnad percussion . Damru is mainly made in wood, metal or skull with both ends covered by animal skin (goat skin) crossed tied-up strings or cords made from cotton, leather or jute. Damru is an hour glass shaped drum, typically played with the bare hands, a player wave the instrument by twisting the wrist back and forth. A Damru player adjusts the pitch of the instrument by adjusting the pressure that is applied to these strings. The Damru is known as a power drum, and when played, it is believed to generate spiritual energy. It is associated with the Hindu deity Shiva


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